iPhone 5/4 – important patch 10.3.4/9.3.6

iPhone 5/4 – Users

As of November 3, 2019, some iPhone and iPad models introduced in 2012 and earlier require an iOS update to resume accurate GPS location.

How can fix this if you missing this upgrade in your iPhone 5 before November 3, 2019?

Backup and Restore using a Mac or PC




iPhone – iOS 12

GrayShift – USA Atlanta-based Startup.

GrayKey – Hardware(gadget)/Tools with Software Services of GrayShift to unlock (passcode) iPhones.

After the connection of iphone, the GrayKey install one sw to disable the Security Enclave and hacking the passcode using brute force.

Tips: For your own security, use very long passcode or use/upgrade to iOS 12.

30s used to find one passcode with 6 digits.


iPhone with iOS 12, no longer break the passcodes of any iPhone running iOS 12 or above.

on iOS 12, GrayKey can do:

draw out unencrypted files, such like file sizes and folder structures.

Other Tips for iPhone Protection
Erase iPhone after 10 failed attempts

To set iPhone to erase all data after 10 failed passcode attempts.

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, scroll down to the bottom and enable the option “Erase Data”.

How to test apple pay transactions

Apple Pay –  mobile payment technology

apple pay testing

Testing Apple Pay Transactions

Use the Apple Pay Sandbox environment to test your transactions with test payment cards.

  1. In iTunes Connect, create a test account. This account works for both App Store and Apple Pay testing.

  2. On a valid test device, log into iCloud using the test account.

  3. In the Wallet app, add a new card using manual entry.

Logging in and out of your iCloud account removes your cards.

Tips: Don’t forget to enable the Apple Pay capabilities in Xcode.

More details: https://developer.apple.com/


Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way for users to buy goods and services in your iOS app, watchOS app, or on your website.

Apple does not store or share a customer’s actual credit and debit card numbers, reducing the risk for merchants and app developers to manage and secure actual credit and debit card numbers.

Within your app or website, users can authorize payments using Touch ID or by double-clicking the side button of Apple Watch, releasing tokenized credit and debit card payment credentials that are securely stored on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

apple pay