MySQL 5.0 vs MySQL 5.5

  • Default storage engine: MyISAM (5.0) , InnoDB (5.5)
    InnoDB I/O subsystem changes enable more effective use of available I/O capacity.

Some new features added to MySQL 5.5

  • Enterprise Thread Pool
  • Enterprise Audit
  • Pluggable authentication (LDAP, Kerberos, PAM, or Windows login IDs)
  • Improve operation on Solaris
  • Semisynchronous replication
  • New Unicode character sets include: utf16, utf32, and utf8mb4.
  • Partitioning (RANGE COLUMNS partitioning and LIST COLUMNS partitioning)
  • Now can do: delete all rows from one or more partitions of a partitioned table
  • XML – add supported to the statement load_xml_infile
  • IPv6 support