Deepin/Depth 15.4 64bits in Technosynoptic.

Deepin/Depth 15.4 64bits only for non-commercial use
Note: From 15.4, only the 64 bits is free for non-commercial use.


Some features/changes:
Changed from ubuntu base to Debian;
Shipped with Google Chrome as default browser;
New kernel 4.9.8;
New control center; (Deepin Desktop Environment – DDE)

Deepin 15.3 tested by technosynoptic

Deepin 15.3 深度操作系统 15.3


Debian-based distribution (32 or 64 bits)

Main features:

  • Very performance, user-friendly and reliable operating system;
  • Deepin Desktop Environment with intuitive design;
  • Deepin Software Centre;
  • WPS office;
  • Deepin 深度操作系统 is a good Windows alternative for office and home use.