Android Pay

Android Pay 服務- NFC (Near Field Communication) – 近距離無線通訊)感應技術所提供的行動支付服務.
For Android KitKat 4.4 or later 智慧型手機

Support: Visa, MasterPass, PayPal.

andorid pay


Ubuntu Edge 智慧型手機 – 手機和 PC 系統入一

Canonical 將推出一款名為 Edge 的智慧型手機.
在眾籌網站 Indiegogo 上發起了集資.

Edge 暫訂規格

128GB 內建儲存容量
解析度為 1,280 x 720 的 4.5 吋螢幕 – 藍寶石水晶玻璃表面
800 萬畫素主相機
200 萬畫素前置視訊鏡頭
雙頻 Wi-Fi
藍牙 4.0
MHL 輸出



NFC Projects – Portugal


Small number of users will be able to tap to pay for rides on the metro in Lisbon during the planned two-month first phase. A second phase is to expand the number of users to 100 and also the number of transit operators. According to reports, the second phase would have begun in November and would have used Nokia’s planned NFC phone supporting applications on the SIM, the 6216. The model, however, has been delayed. It was unclear whether the Sagem my700x was also planned for the second phase.

NFC Times Take:
Though small, any trial involving all major mobile operators in a country is significant. And this could be one of the first uses for the Nokia 6216, which enables secure storage of applications on the SIM card, like the earlier Sagem phone reportedly being used. Reports say organizers intended to launch commercially in early 2010, provided NFC phones are available. We’ve heard this before—stated plans to go commercial after the announcement of a trial.

Launch: Oct 2009
Mobile Operator: TMN, Vodafone, Optimus
Service Provider (application): Metro de Lisboa (transit fare payment)
Users: 25
NFC Handsets: Sagem my700X (reported)
Secure Element: SIM
Other Vendors: Oberthur Technologies (ticketing application-reported)