Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 is released

RHEL 6 Update 4 is released at 2013-02-21.

Codename: Santiago

Main changes:

createrepo Utility Updated (new option: workers) for reduces memory usage and multitasking;
New redhat-lsb-core Package;
New libjpeg-turbo Packages (libjpeg is replaced);
Samba package updated (samba4);

LVM Support for 2-way Mirror RAID10;
LVM Support for Micron PCIe SSD;
XFS Online Discard Support;
Parallel NFS Fully Supported (Parallel NFS (pNFS));

Microsoft Hyper-V Drivers support added;
Hyper-V balloon Driver;
Cross Realm Kerberos Trust Functionality in Identity Management;
Samba4 Package Support;
SSSD Fully Supported Features;
Perf Tool Updated;
Oracle ASMLib Availability and Support;


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