javolution – java solution for real-time and embedded systems


What can javolution do?

To make your application faster and more time predictable.

Main Features:

  • Any Java class can be serialized/deserialized in XML format in any form you may want, also no need to implement Serializable or for the platform to support serialization.
  • Javolution classes are fast, very fast (e.g. Text insertion/deletion in O[Log(n)] instead of O[n] for standard StringBuffer/StringBuilder).
  • All Javolution classes are hard real-time compliant and have highly deterministic behavior (in the microsecond range). Furthermore (unlike the standard library), Javolution is RTSJ safe (no memory clash or memory leak when used with Java Real-Time extension).
  • Javolution provides Struct and Union classes for direct interoperability with C/C++ applications.
  • High performance and time-deterministic (real-time) util / lang / text / io / xml base classes.
  • A testing framework addressing not only unit tests but also performance and regression tests as well.
  • Simple yet flexible configuration management of your application.
  • Javolution makes it easy to port any Java application to C++ for native compilation (maven based) or to write Java-Like code directly in C++

Version 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT – already in 2012


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